Hello, I'm Leonard but you can call me Len. By day, I’m a mild mannered web / graphic designer and IT tech working to pay the bills. But by night, I’m a video game designer and artist, always looking for inspiration and connections to new interesting prospects.

The purpose of this site is to show visitors my work history, artistic ability, and other projects that I've been the most passionate about. I'm always updating this little space on the web with artwork, professional projects and the most current version of my resume. Enjoy your stay!

Resume and completed projects.

You can Download my formal resume here (Updated July 2021). My resume in Word doc format My resume in PDF

Web Design Jobs:

Video Game Design:

Creative Director (SWDTech Games) - Pixel Noir
Co-Sprite Designer (Present Day Media) - Rocket Boat
Pixel Artist (Prey Interactive) - Spirit Lands

Media Contributing:
Photoshop Pixel Art Tutorials - The Pixel Plopper

Published Work:

A book published by Studio Momo-

Pixel Noir's Early Access on Steam
Pixel Noir steam page


Pixel Art / Enviroment Design / Promotional Materials

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I also have the bulk of my pieces on...

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